Dellingr Publications 1st Pilot

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Publications from 1st pilot

Parallel glacier modeling using scientific workflows

  • IS -> FI

Atomic scale insight into sulphide-induced corrosion of copper

  • SE -> FI

"On the nature of the cathodic reaction during corrosion of copper in anoxic sulfide solutions"

Submitted in fall 2018

Atomistic origins of material loss from surfaces

  • DK -> EE

"On the origins of third-body particle formation during adhesive wear" to be submitted to the Elsevier journal "Wear"

"Wear of AFM tips: from atom to debris" to submit (next month) to be submitted to the journal "Nature Material".

Combined quantum mechanics molecular mechanics

  • IS -> FI

"Real-space grid implementation of a polarizable embedding multiscale model for density functional theory"

To be submitted in October.