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Pilot Applications

Title Institute From country kCPU hours To country
Deep learning speech enhancement with blind features Tampere University of Technology FI 100 DK
Containers and virtual machines for HPC University of Oslo NO 100 FI
Parallel glacier modeling using scientific workflows University of Iceland IS 200 FI
PolymerBlends University of Southern Denmark DK 150 IS
Interactions between Hadley Cell and storm tracks in aquaplanets University of Bergen NO 250 DK
Combined quantum mechanics molecular mechanics University of Iceland IS 50 FI
3D topology optimization of field enhancing nanostructures for upconversion Aarhus University DK 200 SE
Effective theory of structure formation University of Iceland IS 250 DK
Amplification and nonlinear mitigation with phase sensitive amplifiers Chalmers University SE 75 DK
Atomic scale insight into sulphide-induced corrosion of copper Stockholm University SE 150 FI
A framework for improving water resources data using hydraulic modelling Stockholm University SE 50 IS
The role of synaptic cell membrane in dopamine entry in its receptor Tampere University of Technology FI 250 SE
Improving ultrashort electron and laser pulses: Towards nanocameras for electron motion pictures Tampere University of Technology FI 250 SE
Real-time path-integral Monte Carlo Tampere University of Technology FI 250 EE
DFT calculations of ionic liquids University of Tartu EE 117 DK
Neural machine translation for morphologically complex languages Stockholm University SE 50 EE
Tryggve use case for supporting Nordic colorectal cancer (CRC) collaboration Karolinska Institutet SE 50 FI
Atomistic origins of material loss from surfaces Aarhus University DK 200 EE
Host/Guest Denmark Estonia Finland Iceland Norway Sweden
Denmark x 1 1 1 1 1
Estonia 1 x 1 1
Finland 2 x 1 2
Iceland 1 x 1
Norway x
Sweden 1 2 x