Data Management working group meetings

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Working Group members

One2One interviews

Michaela Barth and Rob Pennington will start with travelling to all of you in person for extended one2one interviews to get a proper understanding of your special national challenges in data management and already scout for potential collaboration opportunities.


Prioritization Document: [1]

Interview topics

  • Who are the national players that should be taken into consideration when handling research data
    • Your personal role
    • International connections affecting the national landscape
    • Responsibility shifts and Hand-overs in the Life Cycle of Data
    • Are there existing Policies?
  • What is important to you nationally?
    • Compare also with Prioritization Document above
    • Legislation and guidelines that have to be taken into account
  • What is missing right now?
  • Where do you see opportunity for collaboration?
  • Your expectations on the future
    • e.g. one year from now

Interview Schedule

NOTE: Meeting minutes are considered internal at this stage.

  • 170119 10:00-13:00 Meeting with Dejan Vitlacil at KTH
  • 170509 16:00-19:00 Meeting with Henrik Pedersen
  • 171110 12:30-15:00 Meeting with Stina Westman and Ilkka Lappalainen at CSC