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This is a howto for how to arrange a major conference event like a project. This manual contains a lot of useful information, but it is in no way comprehensive, so use judgement.



  • T-18 months
    • Local host selected.
    • Invitation for co-financing to stakeholders
  • T-12 months
  • T-8 months
    • All first-round speaker invitations sent out, 1w deadline.
    • Conference website feature complete, so it's possible to publish confirmed information through it.
  • T-6 months
    • Session titles final, speakers and chairs confirmed.
    • Workshop tiles, formats and abstracts sent in to program committee.
  • T-4 months
    • Registration opens.
  • T-2 months
    • Presentation titles and abstracts sent in to program committee.
    • Workshop agendas sent in to program committee.
    • Workshop organizers send out pre-workshop surveys to participants.
  • T-1 months
    • Workshop organizers host pre-workshop meetings with participants.
  • T-1 week
    • Presentations sent in to program committee.
  • T0
    • Event opens.
  • T+1 month
    • Workshop reports delivered to Conference reporting.


Lessons learned:

  • Parallel track workshops and single track conference are good.


  • Gadget ideas [1] (internal)