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NeIC is developing the Nordic scientific case for large scale HPC, on decision by the NeIC board.

Area: GEN
Status: Finished
Partners: DK, FI, IS, NO, SE
Duration: 140611-141231
Contact: Robert Pennington, Project leader.

Project directive: Project directive


Steering group

Cognitus is steered by the NeIC board: NeIC board

Reference group

The directors of the Nordic e-infrastructures form a decision making reference group to the project.

Cognitus reference group meetings in 2014

  • Steen Pedersen, DeIC, DK
  • Kimmo Koski, CSC, FI
  • Ebba Hvannberg, UoI, IS
  • Arild Halsetrønning, Sigma, NO.
  • Jacko Koster, SNIC, SE





Cognitus uses a public Google calendar to announce meetings and interviews within the project. By default, this calendar view only shows events in the coming month, but you can navigate to future events with the arrows or the "Look for more" link. The report on the scientific case for Nordic HPC will be delivered to the NeIC board at their 2014-12-04 meeting in Helsinki. You can also view this calendar on


External Background Documents