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Steering group meeting


  • 2019-03-04 09:00 - 15:30 CET. Meeting starts with a breakfast buffet.


  • Radisson Blu SkyCity Airport Conference Arlanda Sweden (Skycity is between Terminal 4 and Terminal 5)
  • Address of the location: Pelargången 1 – S-19045 – Arlanda – Sweden – Phone +46 (8 ) 50674000
  • We have a conference room booked and lunch and coffee will be served.



  • Michaela Barth, chair
  • Csaba Anderlik
  • Kristoffer Laigaard Nielbo
  • Hedi Peterson
  • Laura Altin
  • Pauliina Somerkoski
  • Radovan Bast
  • Rossen Apostolov
  • Thor Wikfeldt


  • Michaela Barth, chair
  • Csaba Anderlik
  • Kristoffer Laigaard Nielbo
  • Hedi Peterson
  • Pauliina Somerkoski
  • Radovan Bast
  • Rossen Apostolov
  • Thor Wikfeldt

Goal of this meeting

Discuss and fine-tune the project plan.

Meeting minutes

The meeting minutes have been approved by the meeting participants.

1. Brief status of the project (information).

To get everybody on the same page (10 min).

  • Very active team.
  • Couple of workshops planned before summer:
    • March: Stockholm
    • April: Tartu
    • May: Aalto, Gothenburg
    • June: Oslo, possibly Aalborg
  • Highlight: Recently we have broken the 500 participants barrier.
  • We plan a 2-day open hackathon this fall in Stockholm for material development.
  • GitLab hosting:
    • 350 projects
    • 40 groups
    • over 200 users
  • Project boards:
  • Team chat:

2. NeIC announcements (information).

  • NeIC open call process, annually, in 2019 opens in spring (May), in 2019 the CodeRefinery project will not participate in this open call but we will consider to participate in 2020.
  • In future projects will allow more flexible funding schemes (not only 50% + 50% as presently).
  • NeIC works on NeIC strategy, starting 2020: more focus on the Nordics, new points on sustainability and societal challenges, wider spread focus on collaboration with industry and countries outside the Nordic region.
  • NeIC 2019 conference:
  • Nordic EOSC EU proposal has been accepted, the CodeRefinery project will work towards anchoring the GitLab service within this project.
  • ETAIS will join NeIC as a full member.

3. Next meeting (decision).

Let us decide this together on the spot. Placed here because some participants may need to leave the meeting earlier.

Decision: Next meetings:

  • Video meeting: Thursday, Aug 29, 14:00-15:00 CEST, 15:00-16:00 EEST.
  • Next in-person meeting: Friday, Feb 7 2020, Arlanda.

4. Project plan (information and discussion).

Canvas and roadmap should become part of the project plan.

Comment Open Canvas:

  • S4: Should refer to Nordic RSE community, otherwise not clear to which community this is referring to.
  • Key Metrics: Should also refer to impacts and in longer term (see also "quantitative targets in project directive").
  • Gather what other Git hosting services are being provided (such as CodeVault) and see how CRs gitlab aligns with those - are they complimentary, is there

redundancy, any ways to exploit joint work etc.

  • How can external funders actually fund the initiative?

Comments on Roadmap:

  • Milestone: CodeRefinery materials are taught by volunteers - should be stated along the lines that the goal is to get more volunteers on board so not only paid team members go and train.
  • automatic text mining for specific disciplines?” to "Consider applying automatic text mining (for specific disciplines covered in ) to detect if FAIR software sharing (e.g. gitlab, github links shared) is growing over time in Nordic countries”. This way it would be more understandable in 5y time if needed.
  • Who is the target audience of the Roadmap?

5. Increase of the Norway FTE contribution to 0.75 (discussion and decision).

This is following up on the discussion via email to enable 3 project team members from Norway and increase the FTE share to 0.75, adjusting to the 0.5 FTE administrative position which was not filled.


  • Increase of Norwegian share is fine, as long as it is co-funded.
  • Final budget has to go into the Project plan.

6. Status of Carpentries membership (information and discussion).

The steering group will be informed about the uptake of the instructor training seats and workshops.

  • Good uptake for instructor training seats so far in NO and FI, and SE, planned for EE covered so far via Elixir and DK via university memberships. Concerning IS, we are in contact with the training coordinator but so far no concrete plans.
  • For the workshops: lot of interest in SE.
  • The national coordinators are responsible and the first contact points.

7. Status update about the staff from the Estonian project partner (discussion).

Project manager would like to get a status update to simplify future planning.

  • The recommendation is to start with only one person at 25% and later add another person with 25% involvement.
  • We need a more formal setup for mentoring of new instructors: pairing junior and more senior instructors for new lessons: tandem approach with a senior instructor to get up into speed for new instructors.
  • Even better scaling: invite a group of new (including volunteer) instructors to a 2-3 day workshop.

8. Final report for phase 1 (decision).