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Steering group meeting 2018-08-30


  • 2018-10-22 13:00 - 15:00 CET, 14:00 - 16:00 EET


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  • Csaba Anderlik
  • Kristoffer Laigaard Nielbo
  • Laura Altin
  • Michaela Barth, Chair
  • Pauliina Somerkoski
  • Radovan Bast, secretary
  • Rossen Apostolov
  • Thor Wikfeldt, observer
  • Lex Nederbragt, joining discussion about partnership with The Carpentries


Agenda and minutes

The meeting minutes are approved by the meeting participants.

Welcome and presence

Present at the meeting:

  • Radovan
  • Pauliina
  • Michaela
  • Laura
  • Rossen
  • Kristoffer
  • Csaba
  • Thor

NeIC report

Michaela reported on the NeIC strategy and open call, as well as on the impact and benefit analysis.

Strategy and open call:

  • open call responses followed-up on internally, big strategy discussion within NeIC Board within 2 day December Board meeting with strategy focus.

Impact and benefit analysis:

  • impact: society asks for return of investments (e.g. UN SDGs sustainable development goals) NeIC to secure long-term funding together with the NeIPs towards national research councils.
  • business case for NOSC programme (umbrella over several projects including INFRAEOSC proposal EOSC Nordic)
  • benefit analysis: publications, datasets, workshops, consortia and networks, ...

CodeRefinery (phase 1) final report (information)

  • Final report draft is shared with the SG for comments:
  • Decision about acceptance will be collected via email.
  • SG will provide input for point 5.2.
  • Radovan: share the report also with those who have left the SG and ask for their input, in particular for point 5.2.
  • 2 weeks commenting time before the document is set read-only and finalized.

Collaboration agreement (information, questions and answers)

  • Specifics with the time-shifted funding model.
  • Practical coordination for Carpentries membership.

Partnership with The Carpentries (discussion)

  • Start date is tentatively Nov 1st, 2018, however the document is not yet signed by The Carpentries.
  • How will this work and be coordinated in practice?
  • Suggestion from the CodeRefinery team: open call for workshops which are organized by the client but coordinated by CodeRefinery (or Ratatosk?).
  • SG will coordinate distribution of seats and workshops between the countries, but not interfere nationally.
  • Workshops will be distributed equally among the contributing countries and the steering group will analyse the effectiveness during the yearly review of the project.
  • CR team members have priority for instructor training seats.
  • Suggestion: tie up CR recruitment to instructor training - use this strategically to secure the sustainability of the project.
  • Inform national coordinators about the 1) opportunity and 2) give new instructors the chance to teach 1-2 hours at a workshop and get feedback from experienced instructors.
  • Suggestion to organize an in-person instructor training in Oslo for CR staff plus participants put forward by the national coordinators. The suggestion is based on the presence of three instructor trainers in Oslo. However, this would still require NeIC to ask the instructor trainers to organize such a workshop.
  • Later indicate on CR website that workshops are taught by certified SWC instructors.
  • Recruitment of instructor trainers: contact national coordinators but also contact past workshop participants, aim for strategic recruiting.
  • Decision: Rossen Apostolov joins the Carpentries Council on behalf of NeIC.

GitLab service

  • Currently 160 users, 240 projects
  • Suggestion from DeiC who operates is to extend the agreement without an end date, keeping 50 DKK/year with the option to terminate the contract as soon as we wish to do that.
  • The administrator of the GitLab service will join our request tracker queue.
  • So far not much advertisement and no anchoring within CodeRefinery lessons.
  • Advertisement machinery should be stepped up.
  • Decision: We continue with the agreement and extend the contract.

Terms of Reference (decision)

  • Decision: The suggested Terms of Reference are accepted, without any changes.

Project plan and project start (decision)

  • Team will meet Nov 15-16 and the project plan will be finalized after.
  • The collaboration agreement allows for flexibility to change FTE shares and bring people in later - of course these changes have to be done in dialogue with team members.
  • Service contracts are set to start Nov 1, 2018.
  • Essential pieces of CodeRefinery2 well defined in project directive and discussed in detail during the last SG meetings for CodeRefinery. Furthermore previous experiences from CodeRefinery phase1 still apply for the logical continuation.
  • Decision: SG decides on DP4p (decision point 4, start project before final project plan is in place).

SG checklist (decision)

  • No decision on this item today, this will be done later via email.

Staffing status (information)

  • Service agreements for current known staff to start on Nov 1st and for 3 years. Later joining staff will have the same end date. Motivation for finding staff nationally is the total reduced funding (because of the fixed end date).
  • Possibly one more person will join from CSC.
  • DK: wait for update from royal library.
  • Radovan will check with Kine that Stefan and Juho are on service contracts.
  • First three workshops still this year: Kiruna, Uppsala, Aalto.
  • Training coordination position: collaboration agreement states that CR can use up to 25% of the NeIC training coordinator resource for workshop organization.

Project lifecycle explained (information)

Selfassessment and AOB

  • No comments.

Next meeting

  • mid-Dec, short focused video meeting discussing project plan.
  • late Jan or Feb 2019, in-person meeting; Radovan to send doodle poll for time and for location.