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Steering group meeting 2018-08-30


  • 2018-08-30 13:00 - 15:00 CET, 14:00 - 16:00 EET


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Invited and present

  • Hans Eide
  • Kristoffer Laigaard Nielbo
  • Michaela Barth
  • Pauliina Somerkoski
  • Radovan Bast
  • Rossen Apostolov
  • Thor Wikfeldt
  • Juhan Ernits
  • Hedi Peterson

Goal of this meeting

Get the phase 2 started.


Agenda and meeting minutes

These minutes have been approved 2018-09-12 by the meeting participants.

Changes in the steering group

  • Hans Eide will be replaced by Csaba Anderlik (UiB) in the future phase 2 SG.

Project plan draft


  • NeIC board recommended phased funding approach.
  • NordForsk is OK with phased funding approach.
  • First half of the project NeIC only funds PM and project costs, rest has to come from partners (to be negotiated).
  • Second half of the project NeIC would take over.
  • NeIC Board expressed this to be an important project.

The actual project plan is not presented yet, too many mid-term open questions still, but we know what to do and have very concrete ideas for the next 6 months and can get started almost immediately as soon as we have staff (currently we do not have staff in place).

Changes with respect to phase 1

  • more instructors
  • more in-kind instructors
  • workshops for instructors
  • only invited workshops (we have enough suggestions, only need the staff)
  • best practice guides and blog posts
  • better inclusion of the humanities
  • more community events
  • SGAS moves to NT1, already moved in the budget

Number of official workshops for the next 3 years (but we will encourage spin-offs)

  • 16 workshops in 3 years
  • Iceland  1
  • Sweden   3
  • Norway   3
  • Estonia  3
  • Denmark  3
  • Finland  3

Envisaged changes in the support structure

  • Support line moves from Zendesk to SNIC RT.
  • Administrative support position
  • We have to involve the services in the support, currently PM has to deal with it since services are disconnected from support structure.

User registration and data (GDPR)

  • Registration moves from TypeForm to Indico.
  • We publish a data policy, NordForsk DPO needs to double-check.


  • Plan for sustainability has to be a work package worked out by the team, this cannot be done only by the PM.
  • CodeRefinery will finance GitLab (to be decided below) but over three years scale NeIC contribution out and partner contribution in
  • Goal is to arrive at a model that can be sustained by 1-2 FTE for coordination, carried by partners in-kind
  • Scale in more instructors in-kind, after phase 2, all instructors contributed in-kind by institution and/or partner
  • After phase 2, travel and venue carried by inviting institution and/or a partner

Community building

  • open chat
  • more documentation transparency
  • more blog posts but consider piggybacking on some more visible project through common events
  • publish screencasts (but this also depends on contribution and interest from staff)
  • workshops for research software engineers
  • co-organize events with SSI and Carpentries
  • make courses visible at ELIXIR training portal TeSS (
  • possibility was mentioned that community interns from humanities could take care of the Twitter account, generally share Twitter account with interested contributors
  • Second time receivers of a workshop should not get any subsidiary money to host the workshop.

Staffing and project start

  • “Ideal” staff: interested in teaching, OK with travelling, involved or interested in The Carpentries, not afraid of answering support requests.
  • Staff situation: do the various project partners have candidates for the staff?
    • Norway: Sabry (UiO) and Anne (UiO)? Later Bjoern (NTNU) joining again (2019).
    • Denmark: Max Eckardt, software engineer; second candidate is possible
    • Sweden: Thor.
    • Finland: Juho Lehtonen, plus possibly other candidates
    • Estonia: We have few instructors (Carpentry instructors) and an admin person for event management who can dedicate their time (UTARTU)
  • When to officially start follow-up project? We prefer October 1st provided that resources can be made available. Start ASAP to maintain the momentum.
  • Contract status: NeIC starts preparing contracts for signature with project partners.
  • TODO for all SG members: expedite the contract signing among the partners.

Partnership with Estonia

  • Michaela informed us about status of negotiations with Estonian partner.
  • We are aiming at 1-2 events per year in Estonia, starting late 2018 or early 2019.

Training coordination position

  • PM has requested the SG to reach out searching for a candidate to fill the role of a training coordination and administration position.
  • PM would like to know how much flexibility PM has to find a candidate to fill this position.
  • One possible route: contribute FTE to Norwegian Carpentries coordinator(s) at Oslo library who have experience with this. However, this has not been checked with them yet.
  • Michaela to check whether Ratatosk coordinator person take care of coordination also for CodeRefinery phase 2? This has been verified and is one possible route forward.
  • Can FTE contributions be passed to institutions outside of a partner? We have concluded that his can probably be made to work.

Future of the continuous integration service run by Computerome

  • 0.5 FTE until end of phase 1, hardware is in-kind. If the service is to be continued, it would have to be under same or similar terms as in phase 1.
  • We have discussed the NIRD service platform as alternative which could contribute idle resources on a "best effort" basis. To be discussed with Francesca Iozzi.
  • Alternative if we do not get an offer for the hardware is to provide know-how but user communities would have to contribute and operate own hardware.

Discuss renewal of contract about GitLab hosting

  • Hosted by DeiC
  • 50k DKK/year
  • Current contract ends October 31st, 2018
  • Currently hosts 138 users
  • Problem: Support is now almost entirely absorbed by PM
  • Follow-up steps: PM checks with DeiC about extending contract which would include support for 12 months, based on that check with offer from Estonia (

Next meeting

  • Approximate week: mid October
  • Video 2 hours.