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Steering group meeting 2017-03-09 in Copenhagen


  • 2017-03-09 9:00-15:00




  • Michaela Barth (NeIC, Chair)
  • Gudmund Høst (NeIC director)
  • Lene Krøl Andersen (DeIC)
  • Rossen Apostolov (SNIC)
  • Gerd Behrmann (NeIC, Technical Advisor)
  • Hans A Eide (Sigma2)
  • Martti Louhivuori (CSC)
  • Radovan Bast (NeIC/UiT, PM)


  • Gudmund Høst (NeIC director)
  • Lene Krøl Andersen (DeIC)
  • Rossen Apostolov (SNIC, chaired this meeting)
  • Gerd Behrmann (NeIC, Technical Advisor)
  • Hans A Eide (Sigma2)
  • Martti Louhivuori (CSC)
  • Radovan Bast (NeIC/UiT, PM)


  • Michaela Barth (NeIC, Chair)

Links and documents



  • Status of the project
    • Staffing complete but commitment only slowly approaching quota
    • Kick-off held late Nov 2016: intense and productive
    • Training: two 3-day workshops held, many more planned, positive feedback
    • Infrastructure: design stage for Git repo, first tests with CI
  • Management and documentation
    • Working routines
      • Communication: Slack chat adoption
      • Meeting routines
    • Documentation
      • Overview over how we manage documentation in the project
    • Commitment from staff
      • Summary of used resources by country

Decision items

  • Partnership in European Software Sustainability Infrastructure design study
  • Infrastructure
    • Documents (to access please request access to the CodeRefinery Google Drive, please see above)
    • We plan to deploy a Git repository service this month as beta
    • We favor migrate-able and thus in principle scalable MVP solutions
    • Problem 1: we would like to reuse available knowledge and solutions but do not want to become too dependent on (to us) unclear roadmaps
    • Problem 2: we would like to reuse available cloud services but do not know how much they cost and whether and how we can pay for them
    • Problem 3: unclear to us what authentication/authorization framework to use
    • Invitation scheme
    • Suggestions for source code repository hosting
    • Suggestions for continuous integration service

Information items

  • Training
    • Report from first two workshops (Espoo and Stockholm)
    • Upcoming workshops and activities
      • 3-day workshop in Copenhagen
      • 1-day workshop at NeIC 2017 conference
      • 3-day workshop in Tromso
      • 1-day event in Oslo
      • 1-day event in Stockholm
    • Stance on sponsoring opportunities
    • Who exactly can be our workshop "customers" (in other words where does academia end and industry start?)
    • Budget policy for coffee and snacks during workshops
  • Networking and outreach


  • Post-meeting debriefing
    • Is this meeting format a good format?
    • Self-assessment
  • Next meeting
    • Physical or virtual?
    • If physical: location and date
  • AOB


The meeting minutes have been approved by the meeting participants.


  • Contribution from Denmark is currently less than allocated. Project lead will jointly with Danish staff member make a plan on when and how to catch up lost time and ensure continuous time allocation, deliverables, and engagement. DeIC SG representative offered to follow up towards the employer institution, however, with full respect to the project manager's project lead process and needed support. Hence, the project manager will contact DeIC SG representative if agreed progress with the staff member is not fulfilled (on a monthly basis), first deadline will be mid-May, 2017.
  • Other project partners are mostly on track in terms of contributed hours.


  • Planned number of workshops is manageable but the project likely does not have resources to offer many more workshops although the interest is probably there.
  • AP Radovan: Sharpen profile and expectations on workshop page to avoid that people come with different expectations.
  • AP Radovan: Coordinate effort in identifying influential users and groups.
  • AP Radovan: Use DigHum proposal contacts to advertise workshop(s).
  • AP Radovan: Solicit universities to be asked to be invited to hold a workshop.
  • When sending information email to institutions, document how valuable the workshop is for the institution and suggest that in return as a nice gesture we would welcome to get coffee/snacks sponsored.
  • Consider introducing a penalty for not showing up.
  • Academia first but public companies welcome. Private companies would need to pay a fee to cover costs.
  • It is possible to deliver workshops to companies if the company covers travel and accommodation.
  • We avoid sponsoring opportunities for tools that we advertise to avoid conflict of interest and assure credibility. It would be possible to receive sponsorship if there is no link to the tools and techniques that we teach.

  • Combine with NeIC logo or "NeIC project" ribbon to make association visible.


  • "Slack-mondays" (started since NeIC AHM meeting) improved communication and team spirit.
  • Team holds usually bi-weekly meetings and calendar helps staff to not miss meetings.


  • Team uses GitHub for public documents and Google Drive for internal documentation.
  • Team should consider regular backups and implement a migration strategy into the default document store which is a MediaWiki instance.
  • AP Radovan: consider making team meeting minutes public.

Partnership in European Software Sustainability Infrastructure design study

  • We have discussed a draft proposal document which is supposed to be submitted to the following call:

  • SG supports the proposal but also recommends NeIC to free up resources for it
  • Gudmund will discuss with NeIC board March 16
  • SG to check with the local representatives as input to board meeting
  • Rossen to talk to Neil
  • Deadline EINFRA12 is March 29
  • AP Radovan: find out what the agenda is of the proposal partners.
  • AP Radovan: find out who will fund our resources with how many hours.

Infrastructure deployment

  • Time to market matters before availability.
  • AP Radovan: consult with AAI experts on neic-aai at
  • AP Radovan: consult with Dan about opportunities for partnering with Glenna.
  • SG does not view a commercial provider to be the best solution. Ideally the infrastructure should be hosted/operated in a Nordic/NeIC context.
  • AP Radovan: produce a short “requirements specification” document and send to SG members so that we can look for “in-house” hosting opportunities.
  • Continuous integration (CI)/testing etc. would additionally require a little bit of compute resources (and software?). This could be an optional part of the requirements, but might be a separate resource(s).

Improving the SG meeting format

  • AP: Meeting material at least one week in advance, numbered items, compare NeIC board meeting package or similar.

Next meetings

  • Next meetings on ESSI proposal and VCS/CI service will be short virtual meetings.
  • AP Radovan: schedule meetings over Doodle.


  • AP Radovan: send result of the SiU proposal decision to SG.