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Steering group meeting 2016-10-28 (virtual)


  • 2016-10-28 9:30-11:00.


  • Michaela Barth (NeIC, Chair)
  • Radovan Bast (NeIC/UiT, PM)
  • Gerd Behrmann (NeIC, Technical Advisor)
  • Hans A Eide (Sigma2)
  • Martti Louhivuori (CSC)


  • Lene Krøl Andersen (DeIC)
  • Rossen Apostolov (SNIC)


  • Staff
  • Progress status (currently mainly workshops)
  • Network status
  • Kick-off meeting
  • Project plan discussion and approval
  • Official decision about start of project
  • Training event Iceland


These meeting minutes have been approved by the steering group.



  • Bjørn Lindi
  • Sabry Razick


  • Aleksi Kallio
  • Erik Edelmann
  • Jyry Suvilehto
  • N. D.
  • Pinja Koskinen
  • Sri Harsha Vathsavayi


  • Thor Wikfeldt (50% would like to reduce to 30%)


  • Hiring status for a candidate depends on who would be the contract partner DTU or DeIC.


  • Large group with small FTE fractions creates overhead both for management and for the team members.
  • Aleksi is the local group manager. The people at CSC have to absorb the overhead themselves as well.
  • Different team members will get different modules from the training material.
  • Radovan should recommend to allocate two-half days for a 20% position for instance.

Progress status

  • Website is up:
  • We organize our work on Trello - SG can contact Radovan to get access.
  • Workshops planned:
  • The one in May in Umeå will be in conjunction with the NeIC2017 conference, just half a day.
  • We have weekly team meetings.
  • Team documents are saved in Google drive - SG can contact Radovan to get access.
  • Currently Radovan’s NeIC workload is definitely above 50%: lot of travelling (due to Tromsø being too far off)

Network status

Kick-off meeting

  • Nov 23 afternoon and Nov 24 full day.
  • Possibly at Hanasaari, close to Espoo.
  • Gudmund will also attend.
  • Another idea: NORDUnet offices: meeting rooms for free, but will be charged for the food.
  • Another option: Såstaholm Hotel and Conference
  • Relatively affordable hotel in Copenhagen: Wake-up Copenhagen

Project plan discussion and approval

  • Consider rotating table 4 by 90 degs.
  • Adjust accounting table with Radovan’s workload.
  • Also get feedback from NeIC about budget (NeIC part).
  • In general: Complete, and intended to be a living document, anyway.
  • Project plan adjusted: better understanding, staff,.. (blogging currently removed).
  • Budget numbers based on rules of thumb, not on experience from previous projects, this has to be evaluated first within NeIC
  • Project plan v1.0 approved but needs feedback from Lene and Rossen.

Official decision about start of project

  • SG is officially approving the start with today’s date.
  • Execution phase is two years starting with 2016-10-1.
  • Subcontracts from Sigma2 cover 2017-1-1 to 2018-12-31.
  • Collaboration agreement ends end of September 2017. New collaboration agreement will need to be set up summer 2017.
  • SNIC in its current form will cease to exist as of end of Dec. 2017, and will not make any commitments beyond that currently.

Training event Iceland

  • Postpone decision to 2017. Second-last week in August 2018 seems to be a good time. Could be “final” CodeRefinery workshop.


  • NeIC board meeting minutes:
  • NeIC organisational changes in the upcoming future, still looking for Resource Sharing Project Manager
  • Thanks for Radovan's efforts in application for Research Council Norway, upcoming NeIC evaluation by the Finnish Academy of Science will be similar


  • Rossen: discuss with Thor and SNIC about his desired reduction to 30%.
  • Rossen: provide feedback on project plan.
  • Lene: provide feedback on project plan.
  • Radovan: send final SIU proposal to SG.
  • Radovan: consider adjusting table with currently large management overhead.
  • Radovan: discuss with the team whether August 2017 workshop in Iceland would be doable at all.
  • Michaela: check together with Pål on experiences from travel and event costs from previous projects.
  • Hans: check if it is necessary to update the starting date on the Norwegian sub-contracts.