Achievements 2016

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Pool Competencies:

  • Nordic training calendar established [1]. See upcoming events here.
  • CodeRefinery project started
  • E3DS project now has participation from Sigma2 (NO), CSC (FI) and HPC2N (SE).

Share Resources:

  • Demonstrated cross-border use of secure cloud resources for sensitive data processing.
  • Demonstrated portability of software portfolios between sensitive data systems
  • Cloud services (DK) and Lifeportal (NO) accessible cross-border
  • SNIC-CSC Letter of Intent on cloud collaboration.

Secure Long-Term Funding:

  • Agreement between NeIC principal partners on long-term funding and national shares.
  • Funding application to the Research Council of Norway.

Strengthen Stakeholder Dialogue:

  • Community-driven projects started within biodiversity, earth system modeling and natural language processing.
  • EISCAT_3D Support project delivered several recommendations to EISCAT on requirements
  • E3DS and EISCAT visited computing facilities CSC/Kajaani; Sigma2/Tromso; HPC2N/Umeå.
  • Presentations in international meetings Glenna, Tryggve. News article in NordForsk magazine...
  • Cost-assessment of Nordic Tier-1: In-depth engagement during the investigation phase and framework for strategy discussions with stakeholders.