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General information

To foster deeper collaboration between the national provider organisations, the NeIC Board has agreed to form a group of experts that can assure maximizing the projects’ benefits and propose common actions on upcoming opportunities.

The provider forum is to offer advice to NeIC on the current project portfolio, in particular participate in the Business Benefit Realisation (BRM) process. This charge includes:

  • Advise NeIC on the composition of the project portfolio and discuss alternative directions, e.g., by participating in Project Portfolio analysis.
  • Contribute to the evaluation, managing and realising the benefits, business changes and project outcomes through the BRM process.
  • Provide an opportunity to spar the ideas on the topics of interest for the National Providers and NeIC, e.g., European Collaborations and Research Data Management.

In addition, the PF contributes to information sharing between the national provider organisations and NeIC.

Members of the Provider Forum

Current nominated members of the Provider Forum are:

  • Björn Alling (NAISS)
  • Sebastian Von Alfthan (CSC)
  • Eske Christiansen (DeiC)
  • Ebba Þóra Hvannberg (IS)
  • Ahti Saar (ETAIS)
  • Hans Eide (Sigma2), Chair
  • Abdulrahman Azab (NeIC Senior Advisor), Secretary to the Forum
  • Gudmund Høst (NeIC Director), Observer to the Forum

Contacts Contact details in the internal wiki.

Approved Provider Forum meeting minutes

Terms of Reference for the NeIC Provider Forum

More details about Provider Forum in the internal wiki