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Members of the Provider Forum

Current nominated members of the Provider Forum are:

  • Mathias Lindberg (SNIC)
  • Ville Savolainen (CSC)
  • Francesca Iozzi (Sigma2)
  • Kurt Gammelgaard Nielsen (DeIC)
  • Baldur Eiríksson (IS)
  • Tomasz Malkiewicz (NeIC Executive Manager, Secretary to the Forum)
  • Gudmund Høst (NeIC Director, Observer to the Forum)

Contact details can be found in the internal wiki:

Approved Provider Forum meeting minutes

Terms of Reference for the NeIC Provider Forum

Approved by the NeIC Board 31.10.2016.


As proposed by the NeIC Board, the mission of NeIC is to accelerate development and provisioning of cost-effective, best-in-class e-infrastructure services beyond national capabilities. By 2020, NeIC should be a global role model for cross-border distributed and sustainable e-infrastructure services. This will be achieved through new services, pooling of competencies and sharing of resources. NeIC is managed by an Executive Team (XT, led by the Director) that coordinates a portfolio of projects, stakeholder groups and engagement activities. The portfolio encompasses (long-term) operations and development projects, advisory groups, workshops and conferences. The five national e-infrastructure provider organisations govern NeIC through the Board. To foster deeper collaboration between the national provider organisations, the Board has agreed to form a group of technical experts that can foster ideas for new projects and propose common actions on upcoming opportunities.

Terms of Reference

The charge to the Provider Forum (PF) is to facilitate the fostering of ideas for new projects and to offer technical advice to NeIC on the current project portfolio. This charge includes:

  • Elicit new project ideas from the national provider organisations and their collaborating centers through workshops or other dedicated activities.
  • Identify and discuss initiatives of national interest that can be consolidated through Nordic project collaboration.
  • Stimulate synergy between Nordic, national and international initiatives.
  • Advise NeIC on the composition of the project portfolio and discuss alternative directions.

The PF is expected to meet 2-4 times annually. Meetings should be scheduled at least four weeks prior to Board meetings. The PF Chair may be invited to attend NeIC Board meetings if important issues pertinent to the PF are on the agenda.

Membership and Attendance

The Forum should consist of:

  • One senior technical expert appointed by each of the five national e-infrastructure providers. Deputy members can be appointed at the discretion of the national provider.
  • One NeIC Executive Team representative (in attendance, Secretary to the PF)
  • The NeIC Director (in attendance, observer to the PF)
  • The Chair is elected for one year at a time and the duty is rotating between countries (DK, FI, IS, NO, SE).

The PF can invite additional participants or observers for specific topics whenever it is deemed necessary.